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  • Walter C. Clemens, Jr
    The Power of Conscience: From Concord to Hong Kong
    Dec 22 —

    Concord’s Minutemen fired shots heard round the world in 1775. Seven decades later, the American writer Henry David Thoreau shot off a different kind of message from Concord. Emerging from his cabin at Walden Pond in the 1840s, he sent a message that ricocheted around the world. Conscience, he argued, should take precedence over bad government. “Under a government which imprisons anyone unjustly,” Thoreau argued, ... Read More

  • Alexis Agliano Sanborn
    Tired of the Wait: Japanese Agriculture Goes Global
    Nov 25 —

    For decades Japanese agriculture has been in a slump, the self-sufficiency rate stalling at a dreary 39 percent and reforms gaining little headway. Despite bold election promises and repeated attempts to liberalize the sector, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has reached no agreement with Japan Agriculture, the most powerful lobby group in the country. As the country slips into recession and the government’s “third ... Read More

  • Jonathan Berkshire Miller
    Japan and China Both Eye Strategic Game in South Asia
    Nov 21 —

    The past few years have seen a consistent and marked deterioration in the China-Japan relationship, highlighted by tensions over history as well as their territorial dispute in the East China Sea. Even as there appear to be signs of a gradual thaw in the bilateral strain following the recent meeting between Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping, strategic competition between the ... Read More

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