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  • Hyun Joon Chon
    The Significance of the 8.25 Inter-Korean Agreement and the Calling of the highest leaders of the two Koreas
    Aug 28 —

    On August 25th of this year, a historic negotiation took place at Panmunjom, the highest-tension area in the Korean Peninsula. This event carries significant meaning in inter-Korean relations. The flow of war has now transformed into a flow of peace. A new paradigm for inter-Korean talks has been created; if there is a will within the two Koreas, problems can be solved through all-night meetings. ... Read More

  • Yoichi Funabashi Andrea Ryoko Ninomiya
    Japan Needs to Think Big on Asian Strategy
    Aug 25 —

    Japanese policymakers received a shock when they heard in late March that 57 countries, including some of the United States’ closest allies, had applied to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). While China has steadily been on the rise, since the 2008 global financial crisis, the United States has found itself less able to engage with Asia as it once did. The resulting ... Read More

  • Robert E. McCoy
    Lessons From the “Second Korean War”
    Jul 27 —

    As we recall the July 27, 1953 cessation of countrywide combat on the Korean Peninsula 62 years ago today – the first Korean War – we need also to be mindful of the last half of the 1960s, when tightly focused hostilities initiated by the North were so common that the time became known as the second Korean War.

    It was a dangerous period on the ... Read More

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