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  • Rupakjyoti Borah
    India and Australia: Bridging the Gap
    Jan 19 —


    The recent visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Australia has underscored the deep importance attached by the new administration in New Delhi to bilateral relations with Australia. It was for the first time in 28 years that an Indian PM paid a bilateral visit to Australia, although many Australian prime ministers had come to India during this period.

    Australia is a very important ... Read More

  • Kunihiko Miyake
    The Interview: A Very American Comical Tragedy
    Jan 16 —


    A Hollywood film company makes a satirical movie about North Korea. Pyongyang allegedly wages a series of cyber attacks against the firm’s servers, which leads to the postponed public screening of the film. The U.S. President says the film maker made a mistake. Wait a minute. The silent majority of Japanese have no clue what really happened in Washington.

    The world’s media has focused on North ... Read More

  • Jamil Maidan Flores
    The Paris Killings: Who Are the Real Heroes of Press Freedom?
    Jan 15 —

    In the wake of the terrorist assault last week on the offices of the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo,” in which 12 persons were killed, many people all over the world were moved to say, in an outpouring of anger at the perpetrators and sympathy for the victims, “I am Charlie.”

    Apart from two police officers, who were slain as they responded to the attack, the victims ... Read More

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