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  • Euan Graham
    Australia-South Korea 2+2 Delivers Ambitious Agenda
    Sep 25 —

    One week ago – a long time in politics – the South Korean and Australian foreign and defence ministers held a ‘2+2’ meeting in Sydney. This high-level biennial conclave for the first time included a detailed Blueprint for progressing the bilateral defence and security partnership.

    That the 2+2 barely registered in Australia’s news-cycle should not surprise, given subsequent events. South Korea’s media ... Read More

  • Robert E. McCoy
    Nuclear Affairs: Present Tense and Past Imperfect
    Aug 30 —

    So we have an agreement with Iran regarding the suspension of its suspected nuclear weapons program. Well, before the celebrations begin, and as we reflect on the recent anniversaries of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is fitting to review the status of the nuclear arms races in the world, for there has been a lot going on.

    The Legacy of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation ... Read More

  • Hyun Joon Chon
    The Significance of the 8.25 Inter-Korean Agreement and the Calling of the highest leaders of the two Koreas
    Aug 28 —

    On August 25th of this year, a historic negotiation took place at Panmunjom, the highest-tension area in the Korean Peninsula. This event carries significant meaning in inter-Korean relations. The flow of war has now transformed into a flow of peace. A new paradigm for inter-Korean talks has been created; if there is a will within the two Koreas, problems can be solved through all-night meetings. ... Read More

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