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  • Dingding Chen
    What “Political Reform” Does China Need?
    Mar 13 —

    David Shambaugh’s recent piece in the Wall Street Journal on the Chinese Communist Party’s endgame is valuable because it pushes all of us to think hard about how to resolve the serious problems facing China and the CCP. While I, like Zhang Baohui and Pu Xiaoyu in their pieces for the Global Asia Forum, find Shambaugh’s prediction of the coming collapse of ... Read More

  • Pu Xiaoyu
    Shambaugh’s Good Medicine Tastes Bitter
    Mar 12 —

    In recent years, we have seen the emergence of many contrasting narratives on China, such as an assertive China, a fragile China, and a collapsing China. While China’s collapse is largely regarded as an extreme view, Professor David Shambaugh, a well-respected China expert, surprisingly joined the China collapse chorus. In a recent Wall Street Journal commentary, Shambaugh boldly declared that the ... Read More

  • Zhang Baohui
    Inflating China’s Domestic Vulnerability
    Mar 12 —

    David Shambaugh’s recent comment in the Wall Street Journal, “The Coming Chinese Crackup,” sees a deeply vulnerable regime in Beijing. Moreover, because of President Xi Jinping’s domestic politics, China is moving closer to “a breaking point.” Shambaugh claims that the “endgame of Chinese communist rule has now begun” and “it has progressed further than many think.”

    Shambaugh bases his prediction mainly on the ... Read More

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