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  • Walter C. Clemens, Jr
    Law and Morality Versus Brute Force
    Apr 02 — What to do when a large power starts to devour or break apart a smaller one? The United States-led coalition of United Nations members effectively used force to expel Iraq from Kuwait in 1991. But what if war is out of the question, lest it lead to a much larger conflagration? The answer is not to hope for peace and do nothing, as when Nazi Germany ripped the Sudetenland from Czechoslovak... Read More
  • Alexander J. Motyl & Walter C. Clemens, Jr
    From Weimar to Nazi Russia
    Apr 02 — Is Vladimir Putin the 21st century’s version of Adolf Hitler? Hitler in 1938 annexed Austria and then, with approval from the UK and France, took the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia. Like Putin in Crimea, Hitler wanted speakers of the same language to be reunited with the homeland.Hitler said he wanted to save Germans from persecution by Czechs, just as Putin claims to be protecting Russi... Read More
  • Walter C. Clemens, Jr
    China, North Korea and the Responsibility to Protect the UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry
    Mar 27 — People do terrible things to one another everywhere. What can one do about it? The “realist” Cain answered sarcastically with the question: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4.9). Others, such as the idealist English poet John Donne, asserted that we are all “involved in mankind”—so that suffering anywhere diminishes everyone. Elaborating on this view, the United Nations Security Counc... Read More
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