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  • Lauren McKee
    Is the ISIS Hostage Crisis Japan’s 9/11?
    Feb 27 —

    Japan is a country known for making international news because its citizens clean up after themselves at World Cup matches, not because its government has a controversial and interventionist foreign policy. Yet this is where Japan finds itself at the beginning of 2015, dealing with hostage crises and debating the merits of providing support for the threat of transnational terrorism.

    Japanese Prime Minister ... Read More

  • Shu Jianzhong
    The AIIB and International Financial Reforms
    Feb 25 —

    Since 2013, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) proposed by China has attracted extensive attention worldwide. What, some have asked, are China’s strategic purposes in proposing the AIIB? How can one evaluate the influence of the initiative on the international financial order? Both of these questions have become heated topics of discussion. Here I lay out my own views of the AIIB.

    The ... Read More

  • Rupakjyoti Borah
    Relief for India as Sri Lanka Changes Course
    Feb 23 —

    The election of Maithripala Sirisena as the new president of Sri Lanka has not only altered the domestic politics of Sri Lanka, but is likely to have a significant impact on its foreign policy as well. That the former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa was getting increasingly close to Beijing, to the consternation of New Delhi, was no secret. The docking of ... Read More

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