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  • Glyn Ford
    North Korea: Reunification, Reform, Human Rights and the EU
    Nov 10 —

    It is Pyongyang’s very commitment to economic reform that is the barrier to the denuclearisation of North Korea. For the Korean Workers’ Party, it is the nuclear program – and to a lesser extent the missile and space program – that is the key to unlocking the possibility of economic reform. In Pyongyang’s view, weapons of mass destruction are a necessary, if not sufficient, condition ... Read More

  • Robert E. McCoy
    Japan and the Unfinished Business of the War in Asia
    Oct 26 —

    Much of the world – certainly all of East Asia – anxiously awaited Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzō’s Aug. 14 address on the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender that ended the Second World War.

    While many have focused on what Abe did not say, it also important to note what he did. Even though he did not directly apologize for Japan’s past sins himself, he did ... Read More

  • Ranjit Goswami
    India’s Many Challenges: Nationalism, the Aspirations of Youth, and War Cries About a Nuclear Neighbor
    Oct 21 —

    History has seen this dangerous cocktail time and again — a radically nationalistic government and its dictatorial leader with deep allegiance to a certain ideological organization that has no constitutional accountability, huge domestic aspirations that easily transform themselves into political unrest, and an arch external rival with nuclear capabilities and religious differences. The combination, as history has often testified, prompts the leader to go aggressive ... Read More

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