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How to Submit an Article

The readership of Global Asia is an audience well educated in Asian affairs and deeply committed to intelligent and provocative discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the region.

It includes senior politicians and policymakers, businessmen and women, academics, leaders of international and regional organizations, journalists and others who help shape the lives of Asians and define Asia’s place in the world. It is not an academic journal.

The articles that appear in Global Asia should be accessible to a well-informed audience; they should not target a specialist or academic audience. They should be clear, direct and strong in their argumentation. They should not be wishy-washy.

Footnotes, if any, should be kept to a strict minimum. Again, this isn’t an academic journal. It is a journal of debate and ideas for a well-informed audience.

We welcome proposals and manuscripts for both the print and online editions of Global Asia. Please consider the page What Is Global Asia? carefully before making a submission, and consult previous issues to get a sense of the style and substance of the publication. We welcome informal queries about topics or areas you think might interest our readers. For a full list and explanation of the types of articles in Global Asia and in our online blog, Global Asia Forum, please see What Is Global Asia?

Articles written for the Global Asia Forum should be topical and address an issue of contemporary debate in Asia or about Asia’s place in the world. Contributors of articles to the Global Asia Forum will be paid a modest honorarium upon publication of the articles online. Proposals for articles for the Global Asia Forum should be made to the Managing Editor of Global Asia at

Submitting Your Proposal

Formal proposals should be no longer than 500 words and state succinctly the following:
(1) Your topic
(2) The argument you wish to make
(3) Why you think it’s important
(4) Your qualification for making the argument

Writers can submit proposals and/or manuscripts for the print edition of Global Asia or the online edition. All material that is published in print will also appear in the online edition. The print edition is currently published four times a year, in March, June, September and December.

If a piece is accepted for publication, the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor reserve the right to decide if it will appear in the online edition prior to appearing in the print edition, or if it will appear in the online edition only, after consultation with the author(s). In this regard, writers should note that the online edition provides them with an opportunity to provide their insight and analysis on current events, outside of the quarterly cycle of the print edition.

Proposals and manuscripts should be submitted by email to They can also be mailed to Global Asia (Attention: Editorial Department), The East Asia Foundation, 4th Fl., 116 Pirundae-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 110-032.

They will be considered for publication on a rolling basis, so make your submission as soon as you can if you have a particular publication date in mind. Submissions should be sent as an attachment in Microsoft Word. Writers should include a brief biographical sketch (or a link to a profile on the internet), and full contact details, including email address and phone number.

Articles should be submitted in accordance with the The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition. Footnotes should preferably be avoided, but where they are used, their format should be consistent with The Chicago Manual of Style.

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