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Reprint Permission

Please feel free to quote short passages from our articles under the terms of Fair Use, but please also attribute the quotations accurately. Stories from the print or tablet edition should be attributed to Global Asia with the Volume number, Issue number, season and year of publication. For example: Global Asia, Vol.8 No.3 (Fall 2013). If you are taking the quotation from our web site, please use the Cite! Feature on all article pages to generate the correct citation information.

For quotations from the Global Asia Forum, which is web-only, please attribute it to Global Asia Online with the article’s publication date.

For substantial quotations and for permission to reprint in whole or part any articles that appear in Global Asia, please contact David Plott, Managing Editor, by email at

To help us process your request quickly, please include in your e-mail the following information:

* Which article(s) or content you wish to reprint and which issue(s) of Global Asia it appears in.
* The details of where and how you wish to reprint the material. If it is in a publication such as a book, magazine or journal, please give the title, publisher’s name, intended territory of distribution, print run (total number of copies to be printed), price and publication date. If it is for physical reproduction such as by photocopy or e-mail, please give the number of copies and the purpose of reproduction. If it is by electronic means such as email, intranet or bulletin board, please give details of the site/recipients, the intended readership and the purpose of reproduction.
* Your complete contact information

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