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  • 4_big

    Rupakjyoti Borah

    India’s Bid to Join Nuclear Suppliers Group Runs into the Gr…
    23 Aug 2016

    China's recent scuttling of India's bid for membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) has brought to the fore old tensions between the two Asian behemoths. Even though New Delhi had sent Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar to Beijing June 16-17 to present its case in the run-up to the Seoul plenary of the NSG June 23-24, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a personal request …

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  • 4_big

    Sampa Kundu

    The “Unpredictable” Duterte: It’s Too Early to Imagine the “…
    02 Jun 2016

    Rodrigo Duterte -- often referred to as “The Punisher” for his behavior during his tenure as mayor of Davao City -- is set to become the next president of the Philippines on June 30. His election campaign and triumph at the polls have attracted enormous attention from world leaders, policy makers, academicians and members of the media; but, his victory was more or less a foregone conclusion.Outgo…

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  • 4_big

    Rupakjyoti Borah

    China’s Bid to Rule the Waves in the South China Sea
    05 Apr 2016

    China’s deployment of HQ-9 Surface-to-Air missiles (SAMs) to Woody Island in the disputed Paracel island chain in the South China Sea is a new, but not a surprising, development. Slowly, but surely, Beijing has been proceeding with the militarization of Woody Island, referred to as Yongxingdao in China and which has been under its control since 1956. This island is also claimed by Taiwan and Vie…

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  • 4_big

    Pattharapong Rattanasevee

    A New Threat to Southeast Asian Security: Insights on Tackli…
    16 Mar 2016

    The terror attacks in Paris on the evening of Nov. 13 revealed a sense of vulnerability across Europe and represented a critical moment for European security. Until now, investigators and the public remain unclear about when, where and how the attacks were planned, why certain targets were selected and what the rationale was behind the attacks. However, given the magnitude and sophistication of th…

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  • 4_big

    Peter Hayes,Chung-in Moon

    Should South Korea Go Nuclear, Redux?
    18 Feb 2016

    Note: This essay is updated and revised from an East Asia Policy Debate essay published in July 2014. Summary The fourth nuclear test on January 6, 2016 followed by a rocket-satellite launch on February 17, 2016 has disquieted many in South Korea. It has evoked new calls for South Korea to consider acquiring its own nuclear weapons. It is therefore incumbent on policy makers to carefully consider …

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  • 4_big

    Robert E. McCoy

    Timing is Everything: Why Many North Korean Events Shouldn’t…
    04 Feb 2016

    Some of the recent writings about North Korea’s fourth nuclear detonation expressed surprise that the event occurred when it did. The gist of these pieces was that North Korea had been making nice with South Korea and likely would not jeopardize its relationship with China; hence, great surprise when it went off. One article even said that “neither Seoul nor Washington detected advanced signs of […

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  • 4_big

    Walter C. Clemens, Jr

    What Happened to Yin and Yang?
    26 Jan 2016

    Not by rice alone. Nor by GDP. How people live depends not only on material assets but also on intangibles. A full life requires a culture that gives reason to strive, love and cooperate. For thousands of years, Chinese have valued traditions that helped to balance and harmonize the Yin-Yang forces that permeate all life—night and day, fire and water, male and female. Balanced but separate, the tw…

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  • 4_big

    Leon V. Sigal

    Why Did North Korea Test?
    18 Jan 2016

    North Korea’s fourth nuclear test is nothing to disparage. Even if it was neither an H-bomb nor a boosted energy device, the test advanced Pyongyang’s effort to develop a compact nuclear warhead that it can deliver by missile. The question is, why test now? Technical considerations have never sufficed before and are unlikely now to have motivated Pyongyang, where security is always in the driver’s…

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  • 4_big

    Peter Hayes,Roger Cavazos

    North Korean Power and Kim Jong Un’s Smaller H-Bomb
    11 Jan 2016

    Three landmark events occurred in North Korea so far this year. The first was Kim Jong Un’s annual New Year address on Jan. 1.1 The second was North Korea’s fourth nuclear test on Jan. 6, hailed by the North’s official media KCNA as a “smaller H-bomb.”2 The third was Kim Jong Un’s birthday on Jan. 8. These three events are related. Let’s connect the dots. Let’s start with the nuclear test, which d…

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  • 4_big

    Robert E. McCoy

    Deconstructing the Diaoyu-Senkaku Islands Dispute
    05 Jan 2016

    Following China's recent incursion into Japanese waters by an armed vessel, the Diaoyu/Senkaku dispute is in the news once again. But who really understands the history and dynamics of this dangerous issue? There are at least four ways of looking at the dispute between China and Japan over the Diaoyu (to China) or Senkaku (to Japan) Islands: geographically/geologically, historically, politica…

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