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  • June 2008
    Vol.3 No.2
    Unequal Portions:
    The Perilous Politics of Food
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    Unequal Portions: The Perilous Politics of Food

    World food prices are soaring. The pressures are building on governments to do something, but what can be done? While nature has played its part in contributing to the current crisis, a mix of political miscalculations and other man-made blunders is fueling the rise in prices, threatening social stability in many parts of the world. Asia is no exception.

    • Lester R. Brown
      Food Flight: Why the Current Crisis Threatens Global Stability

      Past food crises have been largely event driven. The current crisis is starkly different, writes legendary environmental thinker Lester Brown.

    • Walden Bello
      Manufacturing a Global Food Crisis

      Much of the suffering in poor parts of the world caused by rising food prices is man-made, writes scholar and activist Walden Bello. The free-market restructuring of agriculture in developing countries, which neo-liberals in the developed world have advoc

    • John Berthelsen
      Anatomy of a Rice Crisis

      Geography, a burgeoning population and a corrupt and inattentive government in the Philippines have defined the country's vulnerability to rice shortages. But the latest crisis over rice supplies was more the product of panic than reality.

    • Erik Weeks, Marcus Noland, Stephan Haggard
      Markets and Famine in North Korea

      North Korea is no stranger to food shortages, even famine. With global agricultural prices soaring, the country is set to experience yet another famine.

  • The Debate
    Who Should Control the Proliferation Security Initiative?
    • Mark J. Valencia
      Put the Proliferation Security Initiative Under the UN

      Following the attacks of 9/11, the Bush administration placed high hopes on its Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI). Maritime policy analyst Mark Valencia believes PSI has chalked up a mixed record, and lacks the kind of widespread support it needs.

    • Yong-joon Lee
      Can PSI be Perfect in an Imperfect World?

      The Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) is a realistic and necessary choice in an imperfect international legal and political environment — but the United Nations is not the most appropriate place to implement PSI.

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